Emsleys Estate Agents Trial ‘The Property App’ by The App Cellar

In order to speed ahead of their competition, Emsleys Estate Agents in Leeds are trialing ‘The Property App’ created by The App Cellar.  By using the QR codes, which are generated whilst creating each individual app, their potential clients can scan the QR code using their smartphone and within seconds the customer is presented with a clear, simple and easy to understand property app, where they can view all the details, including photos of that particular property and price.  Emsleys Estate Agents are also able to provide other items of key information, such as Mortgage & Conveyancing Services and Solicitors, or Buying & Selling Advice.

In an age where 6 out of 10 people use smartphones every day, Emsleys Estate Agents understand the need to provide their customers with immediate results, whilst they are on the go and provide the customer with a great user experience and the information they need at the same time.

All that is left for customer to do is click the ‘Arrange a Viewing’ button and they are speaking directly to Emsleys Estate Agents – neat hey?

Contact us at sales@theappcellar.com to order your property or lettings app now.Image

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